Who's behind EcoBeagle?

EcoBeagle's creator is Tracey Rawling Church. After more than two decades working as environmental and social impact lead for the UK subsidiary of a global tech company there are few sustainability challenges I haven't encountered. Through my consulting business, CSR Guru, I apply my broad-based expertise in managing environmental and social impacts to small and medium-sized organisations who have the will to improve their social and environmental performance but lack internal resources. I try to live and work as sustainably as possible and want to help others do the same.

EcoBeagle is an initiative to promote climate optimism and help people reduce their consumption of resources related to climate breakdown and environmental degradation. Its primary focus is on fossil fuels, plastics and palm oil. Hard-hitting headlines and shocking images have raised the profile of these issues but risk leaving people feeling powerless and despondent; I want to encourage people to feel more positive about taking personal steps to reduce their own impacts, and make it easier for them to find solutions.


One of my biggest practical challenges is how to live more sustainably without having to spend ages reading the small print on every label of the products we use daily. The EcoBeagle shop solves this problem by only stocking products that are free from plastic packaging and microbeads and contain no palm oil. 

I plan to build a comprehensive range of products for home and personal care, so if there's a product you'd like help sourcing, please drop me an email and I will do my best to locate a suitable supplier and add it to my range. Feel free to get in touch with any feedback you have about this website and its products.


I firmly believe a better future is possible for our children. Thank you for your support!