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Iceland shows leadership on Palm Oil

Iceland’s announcement today that it would phase out palm oil in own-label products by the end of 2018 came out of the blue and seems to represent a dramatic strategic turn for the company. The goal is ambitious, the deadline tight but, perhaps most remarkably, they have chosen a challenge that seems to have slipped off the ecological radar. These days, most of the attention is on single-use plastics, apparently in response to the “Blue Planet Effect” – but Iceland has already pledged to remove unnecessary plastic packaging. Now they’ve chosen the raise the bar by taking on one of the stickiest FMCG challenges, arguably emerging as the new green leader in the supermarket sector. The timing o

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

This week’s deadline for disclosure on the Gender Pay Gap has prompted over 10,000 companies to make statements about the variance between men’s and women’s salaries as well as a wave of criticism that it’s a crude exercise, open to misinterpretation. That criticism may be valid, but surely it’s helpful to have some transparency on the issue, in order to stimulate informed debate. Although there has been legislation in place since 1970 to ensure that those doing similar jobs are paid equally, the Equality Act 2010 did not previously require companies to provide data on the relationship between gender and earnings across the organisation. So what can we learn from the data? The median pay gap

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