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Leave only footprints

As thoughts turn to summer holidays, you may be thinking about how to reduce your environmental impact during your break. Plastic waste is the biggie, but many of the products we take away with us also contain palm oil, which is implicated in habitat destruction, and other nasties like chemicals that are toxic to wildlife and sometimes to us. Here are my top ten suggestions for easy substitutions for travel necessities. 1. Reef-friendly suncream. Shade make highly effective SPF25 suncream containing just four mostly organic ingredients, packaged in aluminium tins. The active ingredient is zinc oxide, in non-nano form which makes it more effective against long wave UVA light and also consider

Fair postage promise

I'm conscious of the fact that some of the products I sell are small and light but I'm limited by the functionality of my hosting platform which doesn't allow me to vary delivery prices by weight, so I've had to assume that every delivery will ship as a parcel. However, as an eco-conscious vendor, I try to minimise packaging and some smaller items could be shipped as a letter or large letter (as defined by Royal Mail). Currently, if I use those services, my customers would overpay for delivery based on what it costs me. My solution to this challenge is to introduce a fair postage promise - if your order can be posted as a letter or large letter, I will automatically adjust the delivery charg

Officially a Plastic-free Champion

I'm absolutely delighted to announce that ecobeagle has been officially recognised by Surfers Against Sewage as a Plastic-free Champion and is eligible to display the logo you see above. The accreditation is awarded to businesses that can demonstrate that they have taken practical steps to reduce their use of single-use plastics and are committed to continuous improvement on that issue. It's a component of the Plastic Free Communities programme founded by Surfers Against Sewage. I'm proud to have received this official endorsement of ecobeagle's mission to rid the UK's handbags, kitchens and bathrooms of single-use plastics - and while we're at it we're taking on palm oil as well. I establis

A mini-guide to natural deodorants

At ecobeagle we pride ourselves on making it easy for people to make the switch to products that cause less environmental harm. But which product to choose? This mini-guide looks at the pros and cons of the different types of natural deodorant we offer, to help you choose the one that’s right for you. Natural stick deodorant – this offers the closest equivalent to the conventional roll-on, and is applied in a similar way. Our chosen brand is Your Nature, which is supplied in a cardboard tube with a push-up bottom and comes in both fragranced and fragrance-free versions. Natural cream deodorant – supplied in an aluminium pot, a small amount is simply rubbed into the armpit. Our choice is made

The sustainable scent of success

Fortunately my husband is extremely good at taking a hint, so I received Ffern perfume for our wedding anniversary. I was intrigued by this concept, which creates four small batch artisan perfumes per year, launched on the turn of the season and available for only three months. The perfume is vegan and seasonal, using local and natural produce to create a carefully blended fragrance made using traditional processes developed by the grandfather of the current perfumier. The Spring 2019 fragrance is gorgeous – fresh with citrus notes but with an undertone of more woody tones to give it depth. I absolutely love it. It’s not just the perfrume that is a thing of beauty – the packaging is fabulous

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