Bain & Savon solid mascara in black or brown


Natural, cruelty-free cake mascara in a choice of two shades. Also works well as an eyeliner or eyebrow colour. Plastic-free, palm oil-free and vegan. 10ml size.


This beautiful vegan, all-natural mascara contains a 100% organic preservative to avoid long term microbial growth. It should be comfortable to use for even those with sensitive eyes.

Easy to apply, it leaves your lashes soft and natural looking. It goes on smoothly and doesn't clump or flake, leaving your lashes soft and natural looking.

It is supplied without a brush, on the assumption that you will have a mascara wand already that you can clean and re-use. 

To apply, moisten the brush, roll it back and forwards along the cake and  apply to your lashes. Let it dry and then repeat, using as many coats as required for your look. Suitable for use with eyebrow curlers, either before or after applying mascara.

Note: As with all mascaras, hygiene is important. It should be disposed of if found to smell different, strange, or especially pungent. The tin can be easily recycled once empty.

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