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Plant-based dental floss

100% plant-based dental floss made in the EU from a previously wasted non-GMO by-product from the food industry. Generous 50m bobbins. Plastic-free, palm oil-free and vegan. 
  • Details:

  • Details:

    I've been looking for genuinely vegan dental floss for ages. Normal dental floss is made from silk derived from silk moths, coated with beeswax. Silk moths are killed to extract the silk and although "peace silk" is available the industry is unregulated. Many so-called ethical flosses are sourced from China with dubious claims made and no traceabiity of the raw materials. This floss is made in the EU from non-GMO waste products from corn production and coated with a specially-formulated vegetal wax.

    It's not perfect from my point of view, because it requires a hot composter to biodegrade, but I believe it's the best option currently available. 

    The packaging is also made from hot compostable bio-plastic (along with paper). Unless you have access to hot composting, both floss and packaging are best disposed of in general waste where they will not cause any noxious emissions. Alternatively, packaging can be mailed back to me and I will forward it for hot composting.



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