LoofCo coconut dish washing brush

LoofCo coconut dish washing brush


Coconut dish washing brush made using coconut coir and rubberwood with a recyclable metal base. Plastic-free, vegan. 

Loofco’s coconut dish washing brush is a natural dish brush made using coconut coir attached to a rubber tree wood handle which makes it vegan and biodegradable. Coconut coir is naturally antibacterial and even the rust-free iron wire that ties the coconut husk to the handle is fully recyclable. Since it's made of coconut instead of plastic it's brilliant for a zero waste and plastic free lifestyle, while maintaining the same cleaning properties of normal plastic dish brushes. 

This Loofco dish brush is handmade in Sri Lanka by villagers who are supported and accorded proper workers' rights. All business practices are Fair Trade and ethical, making it a guilt free purchase. 

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