Calendula Salve

Calendula Salve


A gentle, soothing, all purpose vegan salve which can help with dry or itchy skin, eczema and rashes. 100ml tin. Plastic-free, palm oil-free and vegan.

This versatile little flower can help cure many a skin ailment and should be a staple in anyone's medicine cupboard. It's anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial, antiseptic and even anti fungal and can be used for most skin irritations including eczema, mild burns, rashes and bites.

This is a very gentle salve and is safe to use for children. Calendula also brightens the complexion and can be used as a daily face moisturiser.

This salve is made with soy wax in place of beeswax and has a much softer buttery texture than your average balm. This makes it very smooth and easy to apply - just be aware it has a lower melting point so keep it out of sunlight and heat!

Benefits of Calendula:

* Antimicrobial - destroys & prevents the growth of micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi.
* Anti-inflammatory - helps reduce inflammation and swelling.
* Helps to treat insect bites.
* Helps soothe rashes.
* Eczema relief.
* Helps relieve the effects of burns including sunburn.
* Acts as an antiseptic for abrasions and scrapes (do not apply to bleeding or open wounds).
* Can be used for fungal infections.
* Helps reduce the appearance of scars.

Ingredient List:

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Calenulda Officinalis (Calendula), Glycine Max (Soy Wax), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender Essential Oil)

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