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Heavy Duty UnSponge


A great alternative to disposable dish sponges, made from heavy duty hessian with canvas underlay. Effective, heavy-duty design for tougher cleaning jobs. Plastic-free and fully biodegradable.

  • Details:

    Size: 8x12cm approx.


    The Heavy Duty UnSponge is made from 100% cotton with a waffle base, triple flannel core and a cotton canvas and hessian (burlap) top. With regular use, it should last 3-4 months, but stronger chemicals may shorten its life. To maintain your sponge, rinse and wring it out after each use and simply throw it in the laundry with your regular wash when it needs a clean. 

    All parts of the Heavy Duty UnSponge are plant based so it will break down completely with time. If you'd like to compost it just cut it into small pieces and shred it with your fingers.