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Vegan wax food wraps - green polka dot 3 pack


A vegan alternative to beeswax wraps, made with 100% cotton fabric coated with plant-based wax. Pack contains 1 each of small, medium and large. Plastic-free, palm oil-free and vegan. 


  • Details:

    Pack contains small, medium and large wraps plus an unbleached cotton, handprinted storage bag with care instructions. They mould and grip with the warmth of your hands to form a water repellant seal for leftovers and snacks on the go. Sizes are:


    Large: 30cm x 30cm (approx. 12in x 12in)

    Medium: 25cm x 25cm (approx. 10in x 10in)

    Small: 20cm x 20cm (approx. 8in x 8in)


    They are hand made in the UK using locally-sourced vegetable waxes and there may be some variation in size or colour.


    All Rowan Stillwater wax-free wraps carry Viva! Vegan certification so you can be confident that they use no animal derived ingredients or  animal testing.


    How to use:

    Simply shape the wrap around the item and use the heat of your hands to warm it for approximately 5-10 seconds. Once the wrap is bonded it forms a water repellant seal that keeps your food fresh. Please note that wax-free wraps can only be used with fully cooled food and are not suitable for microwaves, ovens or hot plates.


    How long will wraps last?

    With regular use, wraps will last between six months to a year and will not crack or flake in your refrigerator or cool box.


    Taking care of your wraps:

    To clean, simply wash your wrap with a little mild bar soap under cold to lukewarm water (hot water will strip the finish) or wipe it with a damp sponge. Leave to line dry or wipe with a cloth. You can store your wrap anywhere that doesn’t get too hot – a kitchen drawer is ideal. When your wrap reaches the end of its useful life simply cut into strips and compost it.


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