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Perfumed pits without the plastic

For the last couple of weeks I've been using Your Nature's deodorant, the very first item I sourced for the EcoBeagle online shop. My previous deodorant came in a glass bottle but had a plastic lid and I was keen to find a totally plastic-free alternative that didn't contain so many chemicals.

There are few plastic-free deodorant sticks on the market but I chose the one made by Your Nature because I loved the sound of the ingredients, as illustrated above, and because the founders were so friendly and helpful. All the ingredients are vegan and most are also organic; it comes in a tube made from recyclable cardboard and you simply push the bottom of the tube to raise the stick.

It's solid at room temperature but body heat quickly softens it for easy application. I chose the Cedarwood and Grapefruit variety which has a lovely subtle scent. The manufacturers say it can take a few weeks to adjust to a natural deodorant but I preferred it immediately and find I have to use only a little. I've done a very energetic Zumba class this morning but I'm still feeling fragrant.

A natural deodorant won't stop you perspiring, but the ingredients are naturally anti-bacterial and deodorising, working with your body support its natural processes. After all, we sweat for a reason. These luxurious deodorants don't block your pores and contain no nasties like parabens and aluminium that are found in conventional products. I'm glad I made the switch, and I think you will be too.

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