I aim to help people reduce their environmental impact by making it easy to find plastic-free and palm oil-free products, and to encourage them by spreading climate optimism. I strive to run my businesses as sustainably as possible and to embed social benefit into my work-life.

Minimising environmental impact

I run my businesses from home and use integrated communications to minimise travel.  Necessary journeys are made using public transport whenever possible; when I need to drive it's in a compact hybrid car. My home is powered by a 3.92kW solar PV installation which is more than sufficient to run my business machines during daylight hours; I buy renewable energy from Bulb. I plan to invest in battery storage in future. I use a Fairphone.

Data storage and back-office services are all cloud-based. I print as little as possible and use a Kyocera M5526cdw cartridge-free multi-function printer which also enables documents to be scanned to file or email. Products are shipped in recycled and/or recycled packaging.

Maximising social benefit

I set aside time for pro-bono work with a focus on the environment, community and the arts. Current voluntary posts include:

Deputy Chair of Connect Reading, the business community partnership for Reading

Board member of the Reading Climate Change Partnership

Volunteer chaperone for Starmaker Theatre Company

We also keep bees which produce urban honey.